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New Online ITS Belly Dance Lessons for 2014

by on Jan.05, 2014, under Lessons, Videos

Dancers around the world have been asking for more online lessons so Seba has returned to the studio with a new set of Level-One videos.

This Level-One lesson is Taxeem (also known as Taqsim) and is the first move taught in the WildCard BellyDance format.
Follow along with this series that is great for beginners as well as those looking to refine their foundational ITS moves.

The next move in the Level One Series is the Body Wave or Undulation.

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Inside the mind of WildCard BellyDance

by on Oct.19, 2013, under Stories, Videos

I have been waiting for this YouTube video for months!

No it’s not a performance video….that is usually what I am most anxious to watch, this is something different. It’s an interview with 3 members of WildCard BellyDance  that went to Mexico City to teach the WildCard Intensive last June.

Interviews are boring, the pictures are usually much more interesting.

Yep, that’s what I usually think as well. But this one is different. The questions dug a little deeper than usual, there were 3 of us, each with a different point of view about a subject that we are all passionate about and we were super, ass-dragging tired.  It was our final day in Mexico City,   we had just danced on the pyramids, eaten worms, consumed tequila and had successfully navigated the Mexico City subway with great success, after a full weekend of workshops and performances.

Walky, our host, the director of Tribe Ghytias and the master mind behind the WildCard Intensive had asked if we might be willing to do an interview at some point during our stay in Mexico City. Her vision for the interview was to have it translated into Spanish and put it out on YouTube so that dancers all over could have the opportunity to have their ITS horizons expanded.

Sure, no problem, we all said…

Then as each day passed there was never the right time for the interview.  I thought that maybe it just wasn’t going to happen….but no…Walky knows how to organize and bend the universe to her will.  Our last night in Mexico City she transformed her apartment into a television studio, complete with an interview host ( thanks Kika), put glasses of cherry liquor into our hands and the camera began to roll.  The questions were deep and thought provoking and we all took a collective deep breath and opened our hearts and began to share what rolls around in the individual and collective mind of WildCard BellyDance.

Enjoy.  I did.


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WildCards at Tribal Fest 13

by on May.29, 2013, under Performances, Videos

We had a blast at TF13… Great to see everyone there!. Here is the video of our performance.

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Tribal Belly Dance Video Mini-Classes

by on Oct.27, 2012, under Lessons, Videos

We hope you enjoy this sampling of belly dance classes from Seba of WildCard BellyDance. Your responses have been great and we look forward to adding to this series of online lessons over the 2012-2013 holiday break.


  1. Tribal Belly Dance Practice Drills
  2. Tribal Belly Dance Shimmy Drills
  3. Tribal Belly Dance Turkish Drills

(continue reading…)

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WildCard BellyDance performing at Cairo Caravan 2012

by on Jun.05, 2012, under Festivals, Performances, Videos

Join WildCard BellyDance on the Queen Mary for MECDA’s n35th annual Cairo Caravan.

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WildCard BellyDance at Cues & Tattoos 2012

by on Apr.22, 2012, under Videos

WildCard BellyDance at the Friday Night Instructor Showcase at Cues & Tattoos 2012 in Seattle.

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